#RIPNickCannon began trending on Twitter in the wee hours of today, but don’t worry. Nick Cannon is physically still alive. He’s only metaphorically dead, having been lyrically slaughtered by Eminem.

The two have been embroiled in a long-standing beef in hip-hop for about a decade. It started between Mariah Carey and Eminem in about 2002, before Carey and Cannon were dating. Cannon jumped into the fray in about 2009, and their drama has been playing out in fits and starts ever since. 

In 2002, Eminem alleged that he and Carey dated for about six months after meeting to discuss a possible collaboration. Carey has denied this vehemently. That same year, Eminem mentioned Carey in a couple of songs on his fourth studio album, The Eminem Show. He was dejected and bitter due to her snub.

Carey responded with her own diss in 2003 via a song entitled “Clown.” And still, Eminem’s seeming obsession with her continued. In his music, he kept making references to Carey ignoring him and in 2009, dragged Cannon into the ring. By this point, Cannon and Carey were married. Cannon initially responded with a blog post lambasting Eminem, and the cycle continued off and on from there. (Carey and Cannon filed for divorce in 2014.)

And now we arrive at #RIPNickCannon. 

All had been quiet between the sworn enemies since about 2016, but 2019 has been a weird year. Cannon opened up about the beef, once again, in September during a podcast interview with TI. He mentioned that Eminem had apologized to him in private. It wasn’t a slam, but the comment must have rubbed Eminem the wrong way because on December 5, Fat Joe released a new song entitled “Lord Above” in which Eminem provided a guest verse and once again mentioned Cannon and Carey. 

Cannon responded yesterday with a full-on diss track entitled “The Invitation.” The song begins with opening remarks from Suge Knight (recorded in prison), but even Mr. Death Row Records couldn’t convince people to get behind Cannon, and of course, Twitter had lots of thoughts⁠—overwhelmingly not in support of Cannon. 

Eminem kicked it off by demanding an apology. 

Marshall Mathers✔@Eminem

I demand an apology Nicholas, you’ve made my gardener so jealous!


When Eminem called Nick canon Nicholas. #Eminem

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From there, Cannon basically got run over by a car, a bus, and a truck. 

Gerren Peterson@GerrenPeterson


Mad respect to Eminem for this! Nick Cannon let #WildNOut go to his head. You are not a [good] rapper. Why are you trying to battle @Eminem!?!? Who signs their own death warrant?!? Let it go @NickCannon, just let it go.
JUST APOLOGIZE… maybe he’ll forget. #ripnickcannon  …

Fer Rouq@SocialOutcast47

A rare pic of me listening to Nick’s diss track#ripnickcannon

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Can someone tell me Nick cannon rapping sounds like a Dollar tree version of Quasimodo #ripnickcannon

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The Backward Path@thebackwardpath

Who did this? #eminem #nickcannon

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