Have you heard about Blockbuster Entertainment Inc.?

You most likely have not heard about them.

Allow us tell you a story about how this once giant corporation valued at $5billion was hunted into extinction by the unstoppable force known as The Technology Disruption.

At the height of its success,

Blockbuster Entertainment Inc. was a $5billion company with 9,094 video rental stores around the world and employing 84,300 people in 2004.

They were the biggest video rental company in the world at that time.

And yet, just 10 years later, on January, 12th 2014, the last Blockbuster corporate video rental store was shut down!

This is a sad reminder of changes in the business environment can make or mar your business.

And this should be a source of concern for you reading this email.


Because your means of Livelihood might be the next victim of the unstoppable force known as the technology disruption.

And there is no way to fight it.

Infact, the more you fight it, the poorer you get!

Just ask Blockbuster Entertainment and you will see how hopeless fighting the technology disruption is.

But there is good news,

The unstoppable force of the technology disruption can also carry to greater height of success and build you a massive fortune.

How can this be done?

This will be the topic of discussion in the roundtable meeting of the Co-founders of SADC ministries of Help and Transformation, Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny and Pastor (Mrs.) Esther Ojeagbase and 6 other industry experts.

To learn more about this event and how to join the discussion,

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