Can you remember selling recharge cards was a big business?

Can you remember how many small shops and stores opened up to tap into the ever increasing demand for recharge cards?

Infact, it was such a big business that there were seminars and information products written about starting a successful recharge card selling business.

A lot of money was made from that business model.

But look around you today.

How many people still sell recharge cards?

Out of the ones that are selling, how many of them are even making decent profit?

When last did you see an eBook talking about how to setup a recharge card selling business?

Do you know what happened to the recharge card business model?

It was washed away by the technology disruption!

Once banks and telecoms companies found ways to using the internet to cut out the middleman and start selling credit directly to the end user,

It was over for the recharge card business.

And the bad news is, the technology disruption will affect every business industry.

Including your own!

Now, some people will say the banks and telecoms companies are wicked for taking away the means of livelihood from people.

We have just one advice for you.

Do not wait for the technology disruption to wash away your means of livelihood.

Instead, learn how to surf the waves of the technology to reach a new level of wealth and success.


This will be the topic of discussion in the roundtable meeting of the Co-founders of SADC ministries of Help and Transformation, Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny and Pastor (Mrs.) Esther Ojeagbase and 6 other industry experts.

To learn more about this event and how to join the discussion,

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